Babuli Dolidze

I am Babulie Dolidze. In the big, beautiful family of Ruben Dolidze and Maro Berdzenishvili, Devibade was renovated 86 years ago in Chokhatauri. Grandmother Mariam was the wife of Sureb Ramishvili, Namatari Kai to see, they looked like me. We had seven children with my parents, four brothers and three sisters. I finished school and studied at the medical college in Tbilissi (Georgia). Some studied in Batumi, some went to Tbilisi and deviated. My brother was a financier, he worked in a forestry position and we all had oil, his children still live in Tbilisi, I am married to my eldest sister in Batumi, my nieces and nephews are all in Batumi. My one, younger brother stayed home and so on. I have learned everything, everyone has higher education.

I graduated from the technical school and stayed in Tbilisi, working as a nurse until I retired. I had to go on business trips, they worked for two or three days, I went a lot to Sokhumi, Zestaponi, Kutaisi and many cities of Georgia. . The head of this enterprise, an Armenian man, was very nimble and hard-working, he drank juice from the stone. I was respected by everyone from the director to the staff.

My father's three brothers lived in Tbilisi, their wives and children. Plekhanov, Gogol, Mechnikov, all housed and married. I was more of a goggle with my dead brother's wife and child. The boy was an engineer and had no wife, I lived with that aunt more often.

I had a lot of beggars, I wanted a lot, sometimes I resented, sometimes I resented probably and I was left alone.

You are beautiful, I am more beautiful and I thought I was who I was and I was framing, I refused. I would marry one woman, I would probably marry him, I would raise my children as well, I think. I also have many nieces and nephews, you want to go to Talis, you want to go to Batumi, you are not in the village, but I am left completely alone, and you can see where I am, where I had to live. I was left with such a fate, they complained to me that you are beautiful, they made fun of me, a man, especially a woman, is happy to hear that, even a degenerate person dies and dies, if I die like that.

In my house, in the village where I was born and raised, now my younger brother's son and daughter-in-law are half-Russian and I do not like to live with him, I go with him but I do not stop, stay there, I do not want to sleep. They have two children, a girl and a boy. We did not quarrel, nor did I quarrel with Arikats, I decided I did not want to and I left. My nephew lives in Ager Ozurgeti with Raikom, he has a wife and children. I said I want to be close to you somewhere I said yes to my aunt, yes to my aunt, yes to my aunt, she folded her hand and brought me to Akane, since then I am in this old house, is it an old people's home or something. I do not lack anything, they take care of me, they take care of my family, I know that they care about me and I think of everyone. You can see what the girls are doing, but they choose to have at least one big family in my house. I would choose to have a big family.

I had four brothers, all four with his families with children, grandchildren. They come, everyone asks me, they will come to the gate, I will be happy to see them, they will come around, talk to me, ask me, sometimes I will go with Igen and then I will come back again.

There are a lot of thoughts here, I worry about my reverse fate and I think. Akane if I had to be old I did not think I could not imagine it.

I should have gotten married, I should have had anything, I should have had a family, I should have had children and my life would not have gone that way.

Someone I say so my Tuara man does not know who is waiting for what.

You complain to me, you know how to say bitter words, I do not think so, I'm surprised. Strictly grown and if something interferes I still think I will be punished.

I'm ager to myself, I read Beur and I think, I think, I think total. You too should think about old age, before it's time to think before the moon of my time that you will be thinking of afferent strength and effort will no longer have to remain alone to think and grieve.

Narrator Babulie Dolidze 86 years old.

Guria, Ozurgeti, Anaseuli.