📣 Barbaroba is a Christian holiday and is celebrated on December 17th. It is one of the most important holidays in Guria. On this day, bean's khachapuri are baked in every family. From time immemorial, the feast of barbaroba has been held in the tradition of pedestrians, according to the Gurians, on it was depended the fate of the family farm for the next year and the advancement of the family.
✅ On December 17, 2020, by the initiative of the students of the Leadersip shool of Young Pedagogues Union and the beneficiaries of the Elderly House , a charity event was held on the occasion of the Barbaroba Day.
Due to the pandemic in the country, the elderly were not allowed to visit to their relatives and friends, but they remotely congratulated them Barbaroba Feast and sent their prepared beans khachapuri to relatives and friends living in the city.
📌The adults of Leadersheap school of the organization also joined the charity event. By their initiative, the beans khachapuri prepared in the literary cafe "Eight + 1" and was distributed to single elderly people living in Ozurgeti and 10 socially disadvantaged families.
📎 The action was organized within the project "For Better Education" with the financial support of the organization "Bread for the World".