Effective management of crisis

On March 25, Nino Nikoleishvili, a child and adolescent psychologist, held an online meeting for members of Ozurgeti, Chokhatauri and Tbilisi "Leadership school". The main topic of the meeting was the effective management of crisis, emergency stress and stressors caused by it.
The meeting was held in the conditions of high interactive. The psychologist was interested in the changes in the students' lives. Based on the information they received, they gave specific and practical advice on how to plan the day in an emergency, change of emotion and loss of motivation.
The recommendations also addressed opportunities for communication with parents, possible ways of coping with difficulties, positive behaviors, increased adolescent responsibility, and positive behaviors in the current situation.
Participants in the meeting, along with other stakeholders, were members of the Youth Center of the Organization (PITA), which represents teens living in different villages of Ozurgeti Municipality.
The organization seeks to offer adolescents activities that will alleviate the natural stressors caused by the situation in their country.