Karl Popper Format Debate

On March 14 ,2021 , by the initiative of Lizi Bukhrashvili, a member of Tbilisi Leadership school, a training on "Karl Popper Format Debate" was held for IX-XI classes students of the International Academy Logos.
The main goals and benefits of the debate were discussed during the meeting, as well as all the main nuances of the Karl Popper format.
The training was conducted through the online platform Zoom, interactively, with maximum involvement of adults. During the meeting, the participants performed practical exercises.
📌After the mentioned training, it was planned to organize a debate tournament among the students of "International Academy Logos".
Representatives of Young Pedagogues Union will work closely with school representatives during the tournament preparation period.
📣 We thank to the member of leadership school Lizi Bukhrashvili @LiziBukhrashvili for an interesting and important initiative! ❤