Conference on "Integration of Gender Equality Issues in the Learning Process"

July 18, 2021, St. In Batumi, a conference of the School of Leaders based on the Young Pedagogues' Union was held on the topic "Integration of Gender Equality Issues in the Educational Process".
This school year, the Leadership School syllabus focused on gender equality issues.
The conference focused on the study of gender roles and stereotypes and aimed, on the one hand, to raise the awareness of young people and teachers on gender issues, and on the other hand, to integrate gender equality in the learning process through project-based teaching.
During the conference, adults were given the opportunity to see gender issues in different school disciplines, look for the causes of stereotypes, and develop research skills.
8 conference papers were presented at the conference, namely:
• History - "Gender perceptions and attitudes in the mountains of Georgia"
• Music - "Gender Roles in Georgian Folklore"
• Georgian Literature - "Women and Gender Stereotypes in Georgian Literature
• Biology - "Neurosexism and Gender Analysis of Biology Textbooks"
• Mathematics - "Gender issues in STEM subjects
• Georgian language - "Advertising as a form of communication and stereotypical linguistic messages"
• Georgian language - "Language - from grammar to speech"
• Civic Education - "Civil Society and the Struggle for Equality".
In the process of finding and processing the materials, the students of the School of Leaders were mentored by Nana Dikhaminjia, Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Ilia State University, Tamta Melashvili - Writer, Nana Mzhavanadze - Ethnomusicologist, Associate Professor Daji Todua - History Teacher, Prof. Diana Anfi Psychologist.
The conference enabled the adults to have an in-depth analysis of the problems. It is also noteworthy that specific modules were created during the conference on how it is possible to integrate civic values ​​into the learning process, in this case gender equality.
The project "For a Better Future" is implemented with the financial support of "Bread for the World".