Research on the topic - the process of gender socialization

The Young Pedagogues Union planned and conducted a study on the topic - the process of gender socialization - factors influencing the involvement of girls and boys in informal activities. Its aim was to identify factors in the gender socialization process that have a positive or negative impact on the equal involvement of boys and girls in informal activities.
Following the report, a future campaign was planned to introduce practices in the educational space that would encourage equal participation of girls and boys in informal activities, which in turn would increase schoolchildren's sensitivity and social responsibility, as well as reduce the number of cases of bullying and violence. As part of the campaign, a working group was set up consisting of experts in various fields, including a psychologist, a gender expert, an education expert, the chairperson of the Gender Council of the Georgian Parliament and its representatives, and members of the Young Pedagogues Union.
A volunteer program was planned for the school children. The members of the working group identified specific agencies or services that will help young people to carry out volunteering activities. The psychologist of the working group assessed the interests of the students involved in the project with a pre-designed tool and eventually the young people were transferred to different agencies.
On May 3 of this year, a meeting was planned to support the introduction of the Young Teachers Union's volunteer program, which aims to meet with schoolchildren and representatives of participating agencies, including representatives of the Ozurgeti Municipality Council, the Ozurgeti Technopark, the Rural Development Agency and . The purpose of the meeting is for the stakeholders to write a 3-month action plan and activities that the students will volunteer to do with the help and support of the curators.
In the final stage, the project will be evaluated in order to study the impact that the program has had on the individuals involved.