Board of Trustees Elections


On June 17, 2019, the election of members of the Board of Trustees was held in all public schools throughout the country. The school teachers and parents were allowed to participate in the elections and vote, taking into consideration the appropriate learning cycle.

Representatives of the Young Pedagogues' Union in Tbilisi and Guria region observed the election process in seven public schools and conducted a survey of voters. Specifically, YPU representatives attended the following schools: LEPL Tbilisi Experimental, LEPL Tbilisi 49 and Guri in the village of Shroma, the village of Khajalia, the village of Laituri, LEPL Nasakirali and LEPL village Nagomari public schools.

The election process was mainly conducted without violations. The counting of votes was carried out openly, transparently, in accordance with procedures and rules. The polling stations were opened and closed on time.

However, one of the schools found a rough procedural violation of the vote and counting: Chairperson of the election commission was obliged to fill the ballot papers of the primary cycle parents and arrange them in the ballot box.

In all seven precincts, mostly teachers were observed, and the critical participation of parents was low. The representatives of the Young Pedagogues Union conducted a survey of voters in order to determine motivations to participate in the electoral process. Results of the survey will be published during the week.