Young winners of small grants competition

📣 The winners of the Young Pedagogues Union's Small Grants Competition continue to actively implement projects.
🟦 February 10, 2022, St. In Kutaisi, at the initiative of the implementers of the project "Generation Z Vision", a training was held for young people on the following topics:
▶️Gender stereotypes;
▶️Gender roles and relationships;
▶️Hegemonic masculinity;
▶️Unpaid labor of women.
⏺ The training was led by a representative of the Young Teachers Union.
📌 The meeting was held in the "Blue Apples" space of the multifunctional training center.
📌 Activities of the project "Women's Power - Economic and Political Participation for an Inclusive Society in Georgia" implemented by "Women for a Common Future" in partnership with local organizations "Women's Fund in Georgia", "Women and Reality", "Young Teachers' Union", "Pankisi Women's Council" And "Racha Community Organization" in cooperation. The project is financially supported by the European Union for Georgia.