Competition for small projects

Competition for small school initiative projects has been completed and the winning partner public schools have been identified in Guria, Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions.
The aim of the competition is to strengthen entrepreneurial skills in students by integrating subjects and introducing project-based learning.
Specially created commission reviewed a total of 12 applications, of which the following 9 projects submitted by public schools were funded:
LEPL - Akaki Surguladze Ozurgeti Municipality Village Shemokmedi Public School - From Amateur Vineyard to Entrepreneurial Vineyard
LEPL Teimuraz Chitadze Ozurgeti Municipality Village Gurianta Public School - Lemon - Room Culture
LEPL Ozurgeti Municipality village Kviriketi Public School - Laurel - a source of prosperity
LEPL Tsalka Municipality village Gumbati Public School - Tradition and Entrepreneurship
LEPL Tetritskaro Municipality village Koda Public School - Free Green Zone
LEPL Kvareli Municipality, village Akhalsopeli # 2 Public School - Flower Greenhouse
Village Kurdghelauri Public School - "Create clothes and accessories for our four-legged friends"
LEPL Dedoplistskaro Public School N2 - Our garden is a garden
LEPL Lagodekhi Municipality Village Tamariani Public School - "Innovative lessons in the open air"
In the process of preparing project applications, members of the Young Pedagogues' Union and the Georgian Civic Development Association provided individual, supportive counseling to representatives of partner public schools as needed.
School initiatives were funded with the support of the European Union (EU) and Bread for the World (Brot) under the projects "Skills Building and Innovative Employment Opportunities for Regional Development of Georgia" and "For a Better Future" , Implemented by the Georgian Center for Strategic Research and Development (CSRDG), the Young Pedagogues Union (YPU) and the Georgian Civic Development Association (GCDA).
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