Meeting with members of the Ozurgeti City Council Planning and Infrastructure Commission

📢 On July 14, 2020, representatives of the Leaders 'School and Youth Center of the Young Pedagogues Union attended the meeting of the Spatial Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Commission of the Ozurgeti Municipality.
✔️The agenda on the agenda of the commission meeting was to discuss the problems on which the adolescents of the School of Leaders and the Center run advocacy campaigns. In particular:
▪️Street dogs;
▪️ Dangerous buildings in the city;
▪️ Radioactive waste management;
▪️Arranging a bicycle lane on Sanapiro Street in Ozurgeti.
✔️ Talks were held on the prospects for a possible solution to each issue. City council members expressed readiness to support youth initiatives. The meetings will continue, the adults will actively cooperate in the process of solving the presented problems.