Meeting in successful, local enterprises

The syllabus in Leadership School and Ideas and Entrepreneurship Laboratories aims to develop entrepreneurial skills in adults.
Current topics include promoting personal development and developing the skills needed for self-employment.
A meeting was planned with the participation of members of the School of Leaders, Ideas and Entrepreneurship Laboratories at successful, local enterprises in the Menabde Cellar and Skiji House.
☑️ Daka Berdzenishvili and Vakhushti Menabde, based on their own entrepreneurial practice, discussed with the adults the stages of development that went through from the formation of the idea to the establishment of the enterprise. Also, the focus was on risk management, business concept definition, fundraising, and more.
Familiarity with practical examples of entrepreneurship along with theoretical information is important in identifying the interests of adolescents and generating innovative ideas.
Special thanks for the hospitality!
Skijis House • Skijis Sakhli
Menabde Winery • Menabde Winery