Vladimir Akinin 69 years old

I am Vladimir Akinin, I was born and raised in Guria. I will turn seventy-nine in November. Mother was from Rostov, father from Stavropol Russians of course. After the war they came, got married, settled in Supsa, I was born in Supsa, then we moved to Lanchkhuti, the government gave us a communal apartment. We were three cousins, both of whom killed me. Both mother and father served, but Mara had a very cozy, warm and caring family. My father worked on the construction, my mother was a cleaner, and so on.

My sister was ten years old when she contracted pneumonia, typhoid fever and mistreatment. My little brother did the same with carelessness. I was left alone.

Neither mother nor father knew Georgian, they even understood it but they could not pronounce it. I do not even have a Russian accent, you can see and look at me, I was in total Gurians and Imiza probably.

May 28 marks the eighth anniversary of my mother's death. She was a caring mother, I finally left her deposit. I did not have any other relative, lover and interlocutor, I told you.

My father was 65 years old when he died, my mother lived to be 83 years old. We had relatives in Rostov and Stavropol, we went by train, in Lanchkhuti we went by train from Moscow to Batumi, we sat down for oil and we went, I got a ticket at the station box office.

I finished Russian school in Lanchkhuti. I also served in the army and then I started working in cinema. I was a film mechanic. There were movies in the city and in the villages as well. My teacher was Leonide Zenaishvili, a senior film mechanic at the Lnchkhuti cinema. When I arrived, he taught me this. I loved the movies, everything I saw from our work room wallet. I served for 26 years. The spectators were more than anyone we could get, we had a hall full of three hundred people in total. I lived next to the cinema, I would walk, I would walk.

We were bringing a month's supply of cinema from Batumi, mechanics were coming from the villages, I knew everyone, they were coming, we were packing their boxes and taking them, he would return them, we would take them to the magician, so we were spinning.

Apart from cinema, I work in the country, sometimes in the block of flats, sometimes on construction, sometimes plain and sometimes plain. Before retiring, I worked in a shop to help, unload, deliver bottles, produce, arrange bottles.

I'm not married, today tomorrow, today tomorrow and I'm stuck like that. I even wanted to start a family, but Ratskha did not come out, did not arrange it.

Someone else asks me if you care, if you know Dardio, I am a carefree man, I will answer, I will not be happy, they will tell me, I do not believe in anyone, but I still complain about him.

I know dreams often, movie mesmerism, regret that Deingra and it is as if it never existed, disappeared. Sometimes I see the whole movie in a dream. I knew many people, the audience knew me, I was happy, I lived the life of a simple, decent man.

In the end the neighbors took care of me, I even told you I have no relatives. Akane Dito Urushadze and Juba Kvachadze and others know good neighborhood. When Akan was brought to me, I was walking on sticks on Anasauli, I was weak. Sometimes I walk in the park, I was in Ozurgeti two ways. My legs and arms are numb, my tua sometimes does not sound the same, lately I seem to be even better.

I have never been a big dreamer, especially now. I have to dream about something, a man alone in a nursing home, so women and men like me are all around. I play backgammon, cards and enter my room again, listening to the radio.

If you do not want to keep dogs at home in Akane Anaseuli, people will be brought from the villages and taken to the park to be taken care of. Yars yars here is a dog and at the end we will meet a hungry, tired Ager at the gate, Akan and I have comrades with so many stray dogs and we say, we eat. We said this to Tarzana, of course she had another name and did not listen to it, but then she got used to it and called it that.

Forgive me now, I apologize.

Narrator Vladimir Akinin 69 years old.

Guria, Ozurgeti, Anaseuli.