Evaluation report of the first phase of the piloting of the youth volunteering program in public agencies

📢 We offer you the evaluation report of the first stage of the piloting of the youth volunteering program in public agencies.
‼️‼️The non-governmental organization "Young Teachers' Union" has been working for more than 25 years in the direction of strengthening democratic values among young people. Observations of the workshops of the "School of Leaders", an informal education center based on the organization, revealed one rather visible trend: in the informal activities held by students of public schools in the Guria region (various types of street actions, "School of Leaders" seminars, theatrical performances, community actions, mutual aid networks formation, volunteering or other) girls are involved much more than boys.
📍In order to identify the reasons for the mentioned peculiarity, the "Union of Young Teachers" planned and carried out a study on the topic: gender socialization process - factors influencing the involvement of girls and boys in informal activities.
📌📌 Based on the recommendations of the research, in order to develop activities promoting gender socialization in educational institutions, the piloting of the adolescent volunteering program was carried out in various agencies.
🔵 "Volunteer program" was implemented as part of the campaign planned by the "Union of Young Teachers", the aim of which is to introduce such practices in the educational space that will promote the equal involvement of girls and boys in informal activities, which, in turn, will increase the sensitivity and social responsibility of schoolchildren, as well as reduce Number of cases of bullying and violence.