Meeting with the first deputy mayor of Ozurgeti municipality

The Members of the "Young Pedagogues Union" leadership school and youth center met the first deputy mayor of Ozurgeti municipality, Giorgi Ghurjumelidze.
✔️ Adults talked about the needs in their communities:
▪️ Inadequate schedule of internal traffic and the need for preferential rates for students;
▪️ environmental issues and the absence of garbage bunkers in villages;
▪️ homeless dogs multiplying on the school territory and in the streets;
▪️ Dysfunctional and dilapidated buildings and related dangers.
▪️ Safe access to public schools and kindergartens.
✔️ The youth of the leadership school and the youth center try to evaluate the possible ways to solve problems from different perspectives. The mentioned issues were the topic of more than one meeting and discussion at different stages. Consistent actions and open-ended questions activate a process that begins with asking a question, raising a problem, and finding ways to solve it.
☑️ During the mentioned meeting, an agreement was reached on the relevance of each topic and the need for quick response to it, which is important for achieving positive results of the planned advocacy campaigns.