Meeting with actress Merab Ninidze

📣 On December 13, 2022, a meeting with actress Merab Ninidze was organized with the participation of members of the "School of Leaders" and "Laboratory of Ideas and Entrepreneurship" of the informal education center under the Young Pedagogues Union.
📖 Topic of the meeting: European values in the works of Georgian writers.
✅ Excerpts from the works of the blue-collar workers and excerpts from letters were discussed at the meeting. The invited guest spoke to the teenagers about the need for education, freedom, independent decisions, self-awareness, inter-generational differences, changes, importance of right thinking and constant striving for development and progress.
Meetings of this type have a significant impact on the process of education and development of adolescents. Accordingly, the organization constantly tries to support young people and adapt to their interests and needs.
📌 The meeting was held within the framework of the project "For a better future" with the financial support of the Brot für die Welt organization.
Special thanks to Mr. Merab Ninidze for interesting meetings and support!